The Victorian Biodiversity Managers’ Network aims to bring together people who manage land for biodiversity in Victoria by facilitating knowledge exchange. The network is run by a committee of professionals from the biodiversity management industry. The main activities of the committee include:

  • Developing best-practice industry standards;
  • Facilitating field trials, workshops and online information sharing; and
  • Facilitating and running training courses relevant to biodiversity management.

The first step in this was the Planning and Monitoring for Biodiversity Forum, which featured a series of talks and workshops to disseminate biodiversity management practices across the Network.

Forum Organisers:

Rob Scott

Nature Links

Rob is the co-founder and business manager of Naturelinks Landscape Management, and specialises in biodiversity management. With over 30 years working in the biodiversity management industry and 15 years in horticulture and farming, Rob is the lead author of Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt and also established the St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Coop.

John Loschiavo



John has worked in the biodiversity management sector for the past 14 years across the Greater Melbourne region, as well as Victoria, in a wide range of organisations including state and local government, universities and volunteer conservation groups.

John is the founder of the Victorian Biodiversity Managers’ Network and currently works for Australian Ecosystems as the Seedbank Coordinator.




The Planning and Monitoring for Biodiversity Forum and Victorian Biodiversity Managers’ Network are supported by the following organisations:


Many thanks to the volunteers Tim Dickinson, Freya Thomas, Ben North and Martha Ragg who assisted with the event on the day.

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